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2098 R30 / R40 / R48 / R65 / R90 / R120

Series of shades with several sizes and shapes. Besides the usual colours (pleated beige and smooth beige) now they are also available in pleated white, smooth white, smooth black and the new pattern "damask": a grey and sober flowered fabric. 2098’s collection has expanded with applications for table and for floor. Special measures and colours can be made for projects.               


model: 2098 R30 / R40 / R48 / R65 / R90 / R120


application: suspension


material: metal and fabric


finishes: nickel (metal); white (plain or pleated), beige (plain or pleated), black or grey damask (shade)



R30: 30cm (diameter); 15cm (height)

R40: 40cm (diameter); 20cm (height)

R48: 48cm (diameter); 24cm (height)

R65: 65cm (diameter); 32cm (height)

R90: 90cm (diameter); 45cm (height)

R120: 120cm (diameter); 50cm (height)


bulb: 13W (LED)

R30: 1 x E27

R40: 1 x E27

R48: 3 x E27

R65: 3 x E27

R90: 5 x E27

R120: 6 x E27


approval: CE


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