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Luz Difusion was created in 1985 as a brand of design, manufacture and marketing of decorative lighting appliances. From the beginning, production of its designs has involved clear creative, innovative commitment and quality materials to yield efficient and functional products suited to any surroundings. Luz Difusion has the essential flexibility and agility in design and manufacture to undertake projects of all kinds. Special lamps for specific needs or large shades in the broadest range of materials can be produced in a very short time. Articles with special bulbs for installations in which low-consumption is a priority are made to meet the requirements of each project. Luz Difusion finds efficient and intelligent solutions to any requirement by professionals in lighting, decoration and interior design. All the glass items feature top-quality raw materials. They are manufactured by a master craftsman who uses a manual blowing technique. This system has remained practically unchanged over the years and the combination of traditional methods with modern manufacturing processes has prompted the creation of unique and extremely valuable items. All the metal parts in the lighting appliances comply with strict quality control requirements and have been handled by skilled workers. Electronic components bear the relevant safety labels and have been certified by the authorities in the sector.





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