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2160 AT1 / AT3 / AT4 / AT5 / AT7 / AT9

New version of the characteristic wall lamp for dressing rooms redesigns a rear triangle plate with an inclination of 45 degrees. By this simple change, the efficiency of light bulbs is superior.               


model: 2160 AT1 / AT3 / AT4 / AT5 / AT7 / AT9


application: wall / ceiling


material: metal


finishes: chrome or white



AT1: 5cm (height); 10cm (width); 11cm (depth)

AT3: 5cm (height); 41cm (width); 11cm (depth)

AT4: 5cm (height); 54cm (width); 11cm (depth)

AT5: 5cm (height); 78cm (width); 11cm (depth)

AT7: 5cm (height); 112cm (width); 11cm (depth)

AT9: 5cm (height); 145cm (width); 11cm (depth)



bulb: 5W (LED)


approval: CE


2160 AT5 ambiente.jpg
2160 AT1--3-4-5.jpg
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