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BOOGIE TRACK                 design Pablo Romagosa

Boogie Track bl.-1jpg.jpg

Inspired by the headlights of old motorcycles, the Boogie collection offers a wide variety of spots in retro style for domestic and public use. Wall, ceiling, floor and pendant in three different colour combinations and monochrome finishes. As a novelty, it has expanded the range with versions for rail and extension: ceiling models in several different heights are very useful for architectural lighting. 


model: boogie track


application: wall / ceiling


material: iron


finishes: white, black, chrome, brown, copper and gold.

                white&chrome, black&chrome, nickel&chrome or gold.



boogie track: 16cm (height); 11cm (diameter)

boogie track C30: 30cm (height); 11cm (diameter)

boogie track C60: 60cm (height); 11cm (diameter)

boogie track C90: 90cm (height); 11cm (diameter)


bulb: GU10  13W  2700K  45º (LED)


approval: CE





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