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ESPACE round       design Sánchez Guisado arq.


A collection of circular and oval pendants, available in various sizes. Several light points are inserted along the metallic structure, evenly distributed in order to achieve homogeneous lighting. The oval model is highly suitable for installation above rectangular or oval tables (dining rooms, meeting rooms, offices, etc.) The lighting is very focused and precise, thanks to the use of light points with an opening angle of only 30 degrees. In addition to the standard sizes available, custom measurements and finishes can also be produced.

model: Espace round


application: suspension


material: steel 


finishes: black                



R70: 70cm (diameter); R100: 100cm (diameter);

5x5cm (structure); 300cm (cable)

Bespoke sizes are available.


light source:

LED 3,5W 170lm 2700K 30°.

R70: 4xLED; R100: 6xLED


approval: CE


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