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MAGNETIC            design Pablo Romagosa

Magnetically attached lamp inspired by those used in garages. The handle is a wooden ball with stripes on its back. Inside it is housed a neodymium magnet with high power and indefinite duration. The protector of the bulb is a metal grid. Magnetic can be applied as lamp for table, floor, etc.., or any application with high mobility. It just depends on the ferrous metal surface on which it is located.. 


model: magnetic


application: wall / ceiling


material: wood (handle ball), metal grille (shade) and flexible tube. Neodymium magnet.


finishes: red (wooden ball); chrome (metal grille).


dimensions: 31cm (length); 13cm (diameter ball)


bulb: E27  60W (Ha); 20W (FCL) or 9W (LED)


approval: CE




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