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Oval in the lobby of the hotel Meliá Sky


Sagrada Familia Boogie Restaurant Singular


Álvaro Sans / Ramon Cortés (arch.)



Hotel Meliá Sky

Pere IV  272 

08005 Barcelona




Oversized oval shaped light installation in the lobby of the hotel Meliá Barcelona Sky, iconic building designed by French architect Dominique Perrault.

The oval structure measures 13 x 7 meters and is made of stainless steel. 1080 aluminum tubes, each measuring 2.27 meters in length, are suspended within this structure.

The light source is fiber optic. A reflective concave piece at the lower end of each tube fastens the fiber tip, creating uniform and homogeneous illumination.

The 1080 points of light are fed using only four 50W LED generators, achieving consistant light output with extremely simple maintenance.

A very versatile type of light fixture, it is applicable to multiple environments and situations, allowing for different configurations, shapes, finishes and sizes according to the requirements of each project.

This light composition is one of the first and most pleasing visual impressions received by hotel guests. It is a highly unique element that provides a very attractive and warm atmosphere.

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