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Notre Dame del Bon Secours (Lyon)

Lamps specially designed for installation in the Church of Notre Dame del Bon Secours (Lyon). They are made up of a double aluminum ring with four spotlights distributed equidistantly. The standard diameter is 125cm (10 pcs.), however it can be produced with special measures up to 225cm (1 pcs). And 7 pcs. to illuminate each dome of the church. Its lightness makes it very suitable for lighting large spaces with a lot of height.

The luminaires can be customized in lumens, opening angle, temperature and power. And also in its finishes.

Light source: LED 13W 2700K 950lm 45º


Notre Dame_8.jpeg
Notre Dame_1_bis.jpeg
Notre Dame_4_bis.jpeg
Notre Dame_3_bis.jpeg
Notre Dame_6.jpeg
Notre Dame_5.jpeg
Notre Dame_7.jpeg
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