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POP S10                   design Sánchez Guisado arq.

Pop_S10_1_sin focos.jpg

Collection made of hand blown glass in several translucent and bright color like rosegold, blue, amber or satin. The inner diffuser is another glass globe in satin finish covering a G9 led bulb. The model Pop S10 is composed by 7 (Ø20cm) + 3 (Ø30cm) glasses making possible to combine different colours at convenience.

model: Pop S10


application: suspension


material: steel and glass


finishes: steel: black and matt gold

                glass: rosegold, blue, amber and satin white.



7 pcs. 20cm (glass diameter)

3 pcs. 30cm (glass diameter) 

150cm (cable); 60x100cm (ceiling plate)


bulb: 10 x LED 2,5W 242lm 2700K

approval: CE


Pop S11_1.jpg
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