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MONOCLE C1           design Pablo Romagosa 

Monocle is a spotlight that is comprised of a clear ring of glass mounted to the outer edge of a main metal shaft. The bulb is set back into and partially hidden within the shaft. The effect is a light that beams  brightly through the glass.

The assembly of the two materials – metal and glass – has been achieved in a clean efficient way, without external joints or connections. It is a combination not only of materials, but also of colours, as the glass is available in four soft, fresh and contemporary shades. A double-jointed hinge allows for complete angular movement. It can be used for either ceiling or wall.



model:monocle C1


application: wall / ceiling


material: metal and glass


finishes: nickel or white (metal); transparent, smoked, blue or amber (glass)


dimensions: 13cm (spot diameter); 16cm (height); 30cm (depth); 8cm (back plate diameter)


bulb: E27  13W (LED)  3000K  38º

approval: CE




Monocle family

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